We save you money.

Millions of Americans spend eight or more hours a day in an office, hospital, school, or similar location. These places become like second homes and should feel as comfortable and safe as the occupants’ actual homes. Contemporary Galleries offers only the best in contract grade furniture in order to create the perfect work, recovery, and learning spaces. Our experienced and educated staff can provide you with turnkey assistance for systems, casegoods, seating, filing, storage, and whatever else you may need.


It may sound crazy that hiring an interior designer will actually save you money in the long run. We can help you avoid costly mistakes and guide you through all of the phases for design so that you can make well-informed and budget-conscious decisions.


We make your life easier.

sketch_02-1bar2A designer offers a set of eyes that are trained to notice small details you may overlook yourself. We can give you a solid plan of action after providing you with a professional assessment of your situation in order to ultimately give you a flexible space that works best for what you need now and can be easily adapted to your future needs. By taking the time to ask clients about their routines, Contemporary Galleries is able to create a much more functional space that increases productivity and efficiency.

We coordinate and bring out the potential of your space.

sketch_03bar2With proper training and experience, a designer makes decisions that bring out the potential of your space. Coordinating colors and textures to ensure a visually pleasing space is important, especially when everything is being made to order. You want to make sure that everything looks great before sending in that order to minimize costs on your project. Our designers utilize different colors and furniture in creative ways that help give your space a ‘Wow’ factor that everyone will want to comment on. A great looking space creates a great working environment.






We come up with creative solutions.

sketch_04bar2Not only will your designer be there for all of your design needs such as furniture placement, your designer also acts as a liason between you and your contractor or architect. For example: if you are tight on space and need to have a certain number of offices we will do our best to creatively meet your needs. Using modular office systems in new and unusual ways to create better solutions to interior spaces allows us to provide you with a more efficient work environment than our competitors. By thinking outside of the box, you will have the ability to unlock the potential of your space and utilize your square footage effectively with Contemporary Galleries.

We increase the functionality of your space.

sketch_05bar2Things that are available to designers may not always be available to the general public in terms of connections, resources, and merchandise. Designers can utilize this variety of resources to deliver a space designed to exceed your needs. Tight on space, one of our clients needed to fit 5 more offices than they would have room for had they used conventional construction methods. DIRTT Environmental Solutions offers a sliding barn door which saves an average of 10 square feet per office. We saved them money and maximized the amount of usable space through clever and creative planning. With our resources and experience, you will maximize the bang for your buck by utilizing our design services for your project.


We enhance the life, safety and welfare of the general public.

Designs are created in response to a client’s needs and wishes. We follow a systematic and coordinated process that includes research analysis and integration of knowledge into the creative process. When a client contacted us about needing an ergonomic work station we knew exactly what to deliver. Herman Miller’s Embody chair paired with their Envelop table provides a comfortable work station that can adapt to the position that fits the client’s needs while still providing ample support.