Winter Sale! - Featured Items

Our winter sale is upon us. Come on in and have a free cup of coffee while you shop from January 14th to 28th. Save 20% on everything in our showroom and save even more on Red Tag items up to 70%.

See the images below for some of the featured items in our showroom:

New Commercial - The Floor is Lava

We are proud to announce the release of our newest commercial. We have partnered with Aronfield Agency for a few years now and only recently have we opened the door for other media marketing. Aronfield teamed up with Mountain Craft Productions for this project and we certainly hope to have future video projects with both of them in the future. Special thanks to everyone involved in the production!

This is the first story style commercial filmed at our Smith Street location in our apartment showroom on the 3rd floor. It is really great to showcase our available furniture in a family setting and what better way to illustrate the durability of our products than to have a young boy climb all over it.

We hope you enjoy: The Floor is Lava