Founded in 1976, we are a modern furniture store that elicits collaborative design for the home, office, and businesses in the state of West Virginia and surrounding areas. We can handle a wide range of project sizes from the earliest onset of planning to the final stages of delivery and installation. Our past and present customers admire our ability to provide quality services, while managing potential and actual problems throughout a project with diligence and efficiency.



Interior design takes training as well as talent. We staff several degree-certified designers, who are adept at planning out your home and business interior. A beautifully designed interior not only functions well, but it also shows off the personality of the business or family that lives there. We spend the time to ask the right questions to better understand our clients, so that we can design exactly what fits the needs and styles of our patrons. Our goal is to help design a better West Virginia, so that it can have a better future.


From assembly to installing modular wall systems, we handle all aspects of installing our projects and other firm’s projects as well. We pride ourselves on having an efficient and well trained staff of certified installers.


Changing your carpet or painting your walls? Moving across town or need to rearrange due to growth? We have the staff and vehicles to move your furniture in a timely manner.


Find that you have a storage room of furniture parts? We will inventory your spare pieces and help you find new uses and layouts with our design team.


Service & Warranty

We service all of our furniture for the home and office and uphold our manufacturer’s warranties. If you need a part replaced or repair work done on a chair we will be happy to service your needs.